Biff Simpson's Stoopid Web Site
Stoopid links

Good Cop, Baby Cop (Bad guy Will Ferrell meets his match)

The ultimate domino tipping spectacle (add in flaming bales of hay, cars, etc.)

Etrade baby out-takes

ThereIFixedIT (world's worst kluges)

Store Wars (Cuke Sywalker vs Darth Tater)

Need a pick-me-up? It's Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine.

Squirrel Obstacle Course

The best commute home (a Barclaycard ad)

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest of 1957 (The original mockumentary)

Do dogs have souls? (Catholics and Presbyterians fight it out on the front lawn)

Redneck Playstation

Best prank ever (no antelope were injured in this stunt)

Uncle Jay Explains the News (or How congress works... or not)

Peyton Manning Kids Camp (Make it thru the first 30 seconds and you're home free)

The Daily Gut (all the news that's not fit to print)

Really big beer ad

Squirrel catapult (I gotta get me one of these!)

Mini-landlord (you think YOUR landlord is bad...)

Roger Clemens at 90 years old.

Where the hell is Matt? (Dancing video of a guy bumming around the world)

Bees on fire (its about... well... bees on fire)

Trans-siberian Orchestra Christmas lights (so you think you had a good setup?)

The Fruitcake Lady (I love it when foul-mouthed grannies speak their minds on national TV)

Washington Nationals "Instant Traditions" (Fan Promo Suggestions)

Casa D'Ice Road Signs (I wish I'd said that...well, some of it, anyway)

What does it take to cancel AOL? (amazing phone conversation)

The great Mentos/Diet Coke Experiments

The ol' talking deer on the car trick

Wastebasket basketball

I can't afford my gasoline! (everybody sing along!!)

KeatonWorld (flash animations that make passers-by say, "WTF?")

Numa Numa (a guy whose 15 minutes of fame was up about 16 minutes ago)

Notepad invaders (like space invaders, but a bit more odd)

How to light a barbecue the right way (with 5 gal of liquid oxygen)

Give George a brain (a new game show!)

Grilled Cheese Mania (various ebay items with a grilled cheese theme)

George Bush, Gary Busey and two ferrets.

The latest map of North America (at least, it seems that way...)

What do hedgehogs want for Christmas? (another site that's... just wrong)

Fainting goats (Looking for a unique pet? Look down.)

Humor Feed (your daily dose of stupidity)

Larry's face (odd, disturbing or funny? I can't decide)

World's best response to a traffic ticket (absolutely amazing...) (people like you sharing their most embarrassing, pathetic and private stuff)

This land is your land (John Kerry and GW duke it out in a musical rendition)

The Subservient Chicken (order the chicken to do your bidding)

KissThisGuy (No, it's actually about misunderstood song lyrics, like Jimi Hendrix's "Kiss the Sky"... get it?)

Hardin Ice Festival (40 below zero and looking for something to do? Go outside!)

The Invisible Man's Art Clinic (stoopid, but you can't look away)

Misinformer's Toy Drive (so you hate your neighbor's kids? Give 'em a toy)

The Rodenator (real product to blow up vermin. Check out pocket gopher video)

If George W was a girl (disturbing... just disturbing)

Dishonest Dubya Action Figure (with pretzel-spitting action!!) (lots of videos, but check out the toilet paper commercial)

Rainbow, the children's program that is so wrong in so many ways.

General Zod (remember him from Superman II? Well, KNEEL!)

Perhaps the finest bicycle horn player anywhere (in case you care...)

Super Bowl 38 Ads (also past Super Bowl Ads)

Stupid Videos (looking for that movie clip that someone emailed you and you lost??)

Terrorist news conference (SNL skit with Robt DiNiro)

Triumph, the insult comic dog (from Conan O'Brien)

Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (takes 30 seconds to load with DSL, but worth it!)

Office clips (America's funniest home videos gone bad...)

Cows with guns (we will fight for.. bovine freedom!)

Italy vs. Europe (or how do you tell an Italian from other Europeans?)

Something Awful (a neat collection of pix, links, and oddities)

The Little Ninja (a cutsey bloodbath cartoon)

Redneck Rap

The Gollum rap (Lord of the Rings meets Biggie Small)

Tha shizzolator (Snoop dog converts any web site to 'da shiznit')

A play-by-play of world destruction (immensely funny)

Mike the headless chicken

Beercan Bob (the most travelled beer can in the world)

Roller-coaster simulator (the loop is a little to tall.. thud!)

Villain Supply Company (looking for world domination? be prepared!)

Arse racing (it's cheeky boy by a.. er.. nose!)

Best of the Modern Humorist (Jim Morrison Simulator, Movie trailers cliche theater and more)

Boys and their tiny people (don't ask... just look)

Calvin and Snowmen

Timelab 2000 (The History Channel's oddities of history)

Giant cows of Wisconsin (also, links to giant cows of other states... aren't you glad?)

False advertising gallery

Hollywood stock exchange (trade Hollywood stars like they were baseball cards)

Make a South Park character

Which historical lunatic are you?

The demotivation 2004 calendars are out!

Holiday snow globe (remember to shake it)

Fugly (the non-beautiful people who became fair game when they posted their own pictures on the internet)

Christmas at Burger King (highly annoying, but you have to look, don't you...)

Extreme pumpkins

Hamster dance (Ok, I hate it, but my wife loves it)

Samorost (the hardest game in the world to figure out)

Chasm (another nifty flash game)

Escher's art in Legos (you thought that Escher couldn't exist in 3d? Try Legos)

The worst jobs in science (hot zone superintendant? Can you say, "Ebola"?)

20 Questions (site with the uncanny ability to guess what you're thinking about)

Drink-o-meter (looking to quit? this might do it)

Dave's web of lies (everything on this site is a lie)

Evolution of Man and Woman (I know, I'm selling out my gender...)

Harald Seiwert's Virtual Museum (a virtual tour of some eerily cool artwork)

Bad candy (Fizzy milk? Yummmmm.)

Cheese racing

Airtoons (incomprehensible airline pictures... well, you'll see...)

My Trailer Park (it gets better and better as you read)

Gorm the Wired (find your viking name and other stuff...)

Hockey name generator

Hobo News (Who knew Hobos had a convention... or internet access?)

Men who look like Kenny Rogers (This would be really stoopid if it weren't so well done...)

The duel (turn up the volume)

Where's Saddam? (ever wonder what he's up to these days?)

Horse quartet (try clicking and unclicking the horses)

Japander (American celebrities doing Japanese commercials)

Ugly footballers (ugliest soccer players in the world)

Retrocrush (dangerous playgrounds, bad bands and other forgettable stuff from yesteryear)

Clumsy crooks

The contortion home page (ouch!)

Everything in the Frickin' world comes down to bread

Flatulence Filter (this would be a great parody if it weren't a legitimate site)

Starving crayon stick man

Clinger (it's, well... er... you'll see)

Elbow World (beaded seat cushion evolution chart and other oddities)

Ninja Burger (We would be happy to tell you more about the company, but since we're ninja, we would then have to kill you.)

Flying sheep (an off-kilter assorment of stories, quizzes 'n stuff)

Cheese Wars (the leading dairy-based internet cartoon)

Mr. T vs. Everything (especially check out Mr. T vs. the Matrix)

Mr. T vs the Power Rangers

Hey, Everyone! It's Crazy Drunk Guy!

Losers dot org (a collection of the worst of those sappy personal web sites)

New Honda Commercial - This is VERY cool...

Yatta (mesmerizing, brash commercialism) (Is GW the missing link? You be the judge)

Liquid Generation (on the edge of acceptability, but immensely funny) C

Dog Island (Gilligan's Island gone canine)

Odd Todd (cartoon diary of a laid-off person, but actually funny)

Colossal Colon (the museum you really might want to skip)

Etherkiller (how to destroy your IT department and have fun doing it)

TurdTwister (Remember the play-doh fun factory? Well...) (create phony web pages or news reports with your friend's names in them) (an online first aid kit for the morning after)

Dirty Baby (rap song for new parents)

Ask the toad

Exit 86: How to be a Southerner

Mothers Against Boomerangs

Disturbing Auctions... These are just... WRONG!

Looking for a stoopid gift? Perhaps an anti-Martha Stewart apron or a BuFu?

You think you've had a bad winter...

Truth or Dare

University of the Bleeding Obvious

Cooking with Bigfoot

Computer features that you really need

I love the Iraqi Information Minister (aka the "Baghdad Bob" web site)

Yet another Iraqi Information Minister web site...

"Think Geek"'s April Fools Page

Worst cars of the millenium

The dullest blog on the net

Create a fart (Yes, it's stoopid, but isn't that the point?)

Scratch N' Sniff Web Site

Animal Defense Militia

Make your own fireworks

City Creator

Daily Confession (Want to confess? Read other's confessions?)

Un-named time waster

Splish splash

Soda Construction (stoopid, but cool animation builder)

Rock-paper-scissors strategy guide

Web Site for the Colorblind

Michael Jackson Baby Drop Game

Dr. Evil Soundboard (turn up your speakers!) (Techno-weenie tutorial which also is one of the funniest sites on the web)

Bulbo (very odd, but very contagious cartoons)

What's Your Mutation (You've seen the X-men... you are probably likt them)

Strawberry Pop Tart Blow Torches (Check out attack of the Uber Pea!)

Am I Annoying?

Enron voicemail

Which is worse?

Gobler Toys (pretty much indescribable)

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (Protect yourself from mind control)

Nickname Generator (Where anything is possible)

Wierd and Different Recipies (Do not view before lunch)

Traffic Cone Preservation Society

Build your own George Bush Speech

A very odd clock

News of the Wierd

All your base are belong to us

Vidbay's Video Archive

Roadside America - America's stoopidest roadside attractions

Your stoopid impersonal astrology prediction

Captain Safety (click on "become super" to find out how to become a super hero")

I challenge you not to laugh at this (turn up the speakers first) (also, check out the other animations)

DrBukk: The finest in buck teeth - A great site: Pictures, stories, links. Odd stuff and GREAT animation (Japanese/English fubars)


Dancing Bush

...and while we're at it, how about a dancing Paul?

Action figure block party

Wacky uses for common household products

Chickenhead Archives (just wierd stuff)

Deer Rump Taxidermy Kit (Legitimate web site)

Facts on Farts (need I say more?)

How about burps on demand?

Dumb Laws

The Useless Pages

The Onion (the finest in stoopid news)

Unprinted News (more stoopid news)

Chairman Moo (yeah, even more stoopid news)

Evil eye (hard to describe)

The twinkies project

Slap a mime (go ahead.. I know you want to...)

Darwin Awards (stoopidity above and beyond)

Virtual bubble wrap

Famous mugshots

The famous exploding whale site (this is real!)

Dialectizer (convert any language to redneck, etc.)


Broccoli Town (Perhaps the stupidest idea for a web site.. except for mine)

Guide to best toilets

Do you know your arse from your elbow?

The plan for Canadian world domination

Links from

Inflatable church (yes, it's real)

Patio Culture (a look back at the true stoopid world of the 50's and 60's)

Mullet Lovers (especially check out the mullet wig ad)

Barking Spider (Wierd humor page and links)

Jokeland: The best joke website

Yesterdayland (A GREAT nostalgia site)

Bad Fads

World's Longest Humorous Quotes Web Page